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The number of browser tabs have you got open at this time? Tell the truth. Are you going to have a look at those websites today or will you keep the tabs open before you find some time to review them, maybe later in the week?

Every morning I open my RSS reader (NewsFire inside my case) as well as the feeds come pouring in. Great! Fresh content! I start hitting my space bar and scanning the headlines. But there is a voice inside my head warning me, “if you’re going to read each one of these articles, it should take you greater than an hour or so, are you currently willing to spend so much time this morning just reading how many other folks have to express? Don’t you must start working?”. It’s good to get this integrated warning system, however what am I planning to do, because I already begun hitting that space bar and reading the news?

My RSS reading routine goes like this: I press the area bar to jump in one new item to another one. I browse the headlines fast, and when it interests me I scan all of those other article. If it’s very short or quite interesting I may read it straight away, but this usually doesn’t happen. When I enjoy it and wish to read it later I hit the return key to open the post in my chrome tab. There is not any need to wait, I can continue scanning the articles while it loads in the background.

After I finished this process I head to my browser and exactly what do I see? Exactly, one page having a crazy quantity of open tabs. May I just go do other work now and leave my browser like this without having to be bothered by those tabs? I don’t think so! The next thing is dealing with the opened tabs and saving the articles I want to read later. Personally I like to use DEVONthink, my personal database application. We have a script setup with a link inside my browser that if clicked sends an internet archive of the current website directly to my database. All articles are put in a single folder. Then, after reading a tale I will manually put it in a folder inside the right category. One of the beautiful things of DEVONthink is its artificial intelligence: when there is a folder with already several articles with similar contents you may use the ‘Auto-Classify’ functionality to automatically put the files inside the right folders. All articles is going to be saved and (Spotlight-) searchable for later reference.

Using cluster tabs is straightforward and contains numerous advantages. For example, you can create a tab & name it something like Marketing & tools. Now every time you get a good website about this subject you simple combine it with this tab. Similarly in case you are researching a topic like Gold Prospecting, Each website you visit that you want to re-visit you can add to some tab you create called Gold Prospecting Research.

You could make as much tabs similar to this as you want at all and then for research & marketing purposes it gets better yet. When you create a tab, that tab possesses its own URL & is published for the WWW. Now should you be working together with someone or on the team project. You can simply e-mail them your cluster tab URL & they have all the websites you would like them to funeej available. They simply click the cluster tab URL every one opens and is able to view.

These tabs can also be used for Training purposes. An example may be creating a web-based e-mail course where the student simply clicks on the cluster tab URL to get all of the websites linked to the course. Tabs could also be used for marketing by directing e-mail recipients to your cluster URL of merchandise, services or information. The could be linked on websites for folks to click and be delivered to a tab created specially for marketing purposes.

Ok, so what should you don’t come with an application that may do that for you personally or you just don’t want to save all articles on your own hard disk? There exists a nice new little tool called Instapaper that may be helpful: Using a button on your browser you can save any article to Instapaper. Just click onto it whilst in a wide open window, as well as your article will likely be saved on the Instapaper website. You can now just close those tabs without losing anything and discover a listing of your saved articles when you have several free hours to read!

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